Baseball Legacy Manager 24

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Build the ultimate legacy as the general manager of a professional baseball team!

Baseball Legacy Manager 24

Become the ultimate baseball general manager in Baseball Legacy Manager 24! Take control of a professional baseball team and create an enduring legacy. Experience the most immersive mobile baseball manager with features that let you dominate the league for decades!
Manage every aspect of your team, from coaching and scouting to drafting and trading. Negotiate contracts and develop players to lead your team to victory.
Play anytime, anywhere - no internet connection required! HLM24 lets you enjoy the excitement of managing your baseball team whenever you want.
Follow the evolution of the entire league, witnessing teams rise from declining contenders to rising superstars. Track league records, draft classes, player transactions, and more!
Customize players, teams, coaches, and leagues! Take control of your baseball universe and shape its future with expansion drafts.
Baseball Legacy Manager 24 introduces exciting new features to enhance your baseball management experience:
🏒 Player Attributes: The new version now includes: Control, Velocity, Break, Speed, Stealing, Contact, Power, Arm strength, Arm accuracy. Customize your team with players excelling in specific skills!
📊 Live Shot Map: Experience the action like never before! When simulating a game, you can now view the position of shots and goals on a 2D rink. Analyze your team's performance and make strategic decisions on the fly.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Families: Get to know your players on a personal level! Players have family information, allowing you to discover their parents, uncles, cousins, and even brothers across multiple generations. Some players might even be twins or have children of their own!
🏠 Hometown: Players now have a hometown! They may be interested in playing for their childhood team. Bring a sense of belonging to your baseball universe.
🏆 Rivalry: Teams now have rivals based on proximity, playoff encounters, injuries, and other factors. Rivalries impact the difficulty of making transactions with these rivals. Fuel the competitive spirit!
💼 Free Agency Day: Engage in interactive activities by submitting offers to players. Players take the time to analyze offers from other teams and make decisions that suit their interests. Negotiate and sign the best talents!
🎯 Milestones: Witness player milestones during games and on their profiles. Milestones are divided into three categories: personal, team, and league. Celebrate achievements and track records!
With Baseball Legacy Manager PRO, you can play for decades and even centuries, experiencing the thrill of baseball management for ages!
🏒 Start your General Manager career now and leave your mark on the baseball world! Download Baseball Legacy Manager 24 today! 🏒

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