Bratz™: блесни стилем — модный набор «Девичник»

Примерь обновки из коллекции «Девичник» и сделай журнал Bratz еще лучше, освещая свои путешествия в сопровождении всемирно известного дизайнера!

Bratz™: блесни стилем — модный набор «Девичник»

Hey Bratz Pack!

The Stylin’ Soiree was such a high-fashion-hit that it caught the eye of a world-renowned designer, and they want to work with you!
Work on expanding Bratz Magazine by reporting on your travels around Barcelona, Seoul, and Stilesville.
Customize the girls with fresh, new hairstyles, makeup, and outfits from the Girls Nite Out collection to wow your followers.
Continue your journey to become the best reporter.
REFRESH YOUR WARDROBE – Upgrade your outfits with the original Girls Nite Out collection.
EXPRESS YOURSELF – Create head-turning looks with scorchin’ makeup palettes and hairstyles.
CAPTURE THE MOMENT – Take pictures and select the best ones from the gallery to share with your followers.
SHOWCASE YOUR TALENT – Continue your journey to become the best reporter.

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Оперативная память8 GB RAM
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DirectXDirectX 11
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Звуковая картаDirectX Compatible Sound Card
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