CoopValor 2056: Ukraine WW3

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Single player and multiplayer. You will start fighting in Ukraine as a soldier of the Ukrainian special forces or the International Legion. Fight alone or with your friends against the AI, ruthless and difficult enemies and against other players.

Intense, realistic combat and immersive!

Single player and multiplayer! CoopValor 2056 is a first and third person shooter game, set in the Ukrainian war.
Fight alone or with your friends against AI, ruthless and tough enemies and against other players in matches of conquest, elimination and much more!
Fight as a soldier of the Ukrainian army or as a soldier of the International Legion.
From your war zone you will have to gain ground, as you advance you will take your own resources and those of the enemy such as drones, tanks, helicopters, robot dogs and much more.
Fight alone or with your friends and reconquer Ukraine!
The setup is quite realistic as almost all the props are actual drone scans on Irpin and Bucha. With this I try to make a small tribute to all the broken dreams because of this madness! I will donate 20% of each sale to Ukraine. More information at
Art is one of the best languages to send a message, condemn and create powerful stories that last over time.

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Версия ОСWindows 7/8.1/10
Версия ОСWindows 7/8.1/10
ПроцессорAMD Ryzen 3 1200, Intel Core I5 4460
ПроцессорAMD Ryzen 5 1600, Intel Core I7 6700K
Оперативная память8 GB
Оперативная память16 GB
ВидеокартаAMD Radeon R9 280X, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 (4 GB)
ВидеокартаAMD Radeon RX 480 (8 GB), Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (6 GB)
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 12
Дополнительное устройство вводаJoystick, Gamepad
Требуется учётная запись
Epic ID
Поддерживаемые языки
  • Аудиодорожка: Английский, Немецкий, Испанский (Испания)
  • Текст: Итальянский, Английский, Испанский (Испания), Французский, Немецкий, Каталонский, Японский
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