Dread X Collection 2

Explore 12 horror games made in 10 days connected by a meta narrative experience you didn't expect. Step into a world of darkness and discover the secrets you didn't know were right beneath the surface. Find the tapes and unlock the mystery inside the Dread X Collection 2.

Locked in...

You find yourself locked in a small room illuminated only by the hazy glow of a single TV. Around you are a collection of tapes, trapped within steel coffins. A strange statue looms in the shadows. An unknown voice breaks the silence. It tells you to check the top of the VCR for a key. You pick it up. You use it to unlock one of the metallic cases. Inside is a tape. You pop the tape into the VCR. Can you survive what happens next?

12 Visions of Terror

The Dread X Collection 2 follows in the footsteps of the first Dread X Collection. This time we've gathered 12 incredible indie devs and given them just 10 days to realize all new visions of terror. The inspiration this time around was LOVECRAFTING. Does that mean all Lovecraft monsters? Does that mean a crafting game? Does it mean crafting love in a romantic visual novel? You'll just have to play to find out.

A World of Darkness

Step into a world of darkness and discover the secrets you didn't know were right beneath the surface. Get ready to explore 12 horror games made in 10 days that lead up to a narrative experience you didn't expect in Dread X Collection 2. Find the tapes and unlock the mystery inside.
  • Explore 12 games all with different graphics, characters, and play styles. There is something for everyone.
  • Interactive launcher with it’s own game, or skip it! Your choice
  • Bigger than the first collection
    Dread X Collection 2-pha6h

Akabaka - Sucker for Love:

Win the heart of an eldritch horror and smooch her... at any cost!
Dread X Collection 2-1bs1v

David Szymanski - Squirrel Stapler:

Hunt squirrels, staple them to a corpse, meet god.
Dread X Collection 2-1kmws

Mahelyk - The Toy Shop:

What do you do when you can't trust what you see, hear, or touch? What reality do you chose to be your own? Do you take your fate in to your own hands, or play on as someone else's toy?
Dread X Collection 2-9r2rh

Secret Cow Level - Another Late Night:

You're up late playing video games and messing around on the internet. Things take a dark turn...
Dread X Collection 2-pj2wd

Daniel Mullins Games - Solipsis:

Two astronauts search for geological features beneath the surface of The Moon. They find one.
Dread X Collection 2-p63qg

John Szymanski - Charlotte's Exile:

Charlotte has gone missing. The last hope of her embrace lies with an old note written in an ancient language. Perhaps the books in the Great Library can be used to decode it. . . but keep an eye out for that thing crawling around.
Dread X Collection 2-mvv3w

Panstasz - The Thing in the Lake:

Something horrible is hiding in its murky depths...
Dread X Collection 2-2ry7l

Scythe Dev Team - To the End of Days:

The world is ending as a comet looms; can you make it home to your family?
Dread X Collection 2-10qw1

Vidas Games - Arcadletra:

Electronics in an arcade and video rental store begin to come to life in startling ways when a mysterious hole leading to an unknown world is discovered.
Dread X Collection 2-vbfs9

Wither Studios - Touched by an Outer God:

The Growth have invaded our world. Kill them. Eat their flesh. Become stronger.
Dread X Collection 2-asf9j

Torple Dook - Undiscovered:

A cursed tomb of kings lies hidden deep in the ancient jungle. Explore the tomb, learn it's secrets, and find what lies . . . UNDISCOVERED.
Dread X Collection 2-11v6x

Bathysfear Games - The Diving Bell:

Isolation takes its toll on even the strongest of wills. Survive the madness, faulty machinery, and the crushing depths of the ocean, and reach your salvation inside the diving bell.

Системные требования Dread X Collection 2



OS versionWindows 7 32/64-bit
OS versionWindows 7 32/64-bit
CPUDual-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.0 GHz or Faster
CPUQuad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or Faster
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
GPUNVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or MD Radeon 6870 HD Series
GPUNVIDIA GeForce 960 GTX or ATI Radeon 280x Series
DirectXDirectX 11
Storage10 GB
Storage10 GB
Поддерживаемые языки
  • Аудиодорожка: Н/Д
  • Текст: English
All games, assets, and ideas in the Dread X Collection are owned by the individual creators and published by EPP.