What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is an immersive game set on a mysterious alien world. As a stranded civilian turned Ranger, your mission is to navigate treacherous terrains, capture exotic creatures known as Illuvials, and harness resources to repair your ship for the journey home. Beyond a single game, Illuvium is part of an expansive ecosystem where progress and items carry over into our other games. This interconnected universe allows for a more rewarding experience where nothing you earn or learn goes to waste, reducing the learning curve and enhancing your gameplay with each new adventure.

What are Illuvium: Overworld and Illuvium: Arena?

Illuvium: Overworld is a third-person adventure that invites you into a world of discovery and danger. Step into the boots of a Ranger, exploring every corner of an alien planet, capturing powerful creatures known as Illuvials, and collecting valuable resources. You aim to level up, grow stronger and smarter, and prepare your team for bigger challenges.
Illuvium: Arena offers a change of pace with its tactical battles that feel like you’re directing an action-packed movie. It's all about the strategy - figuring out the best ways to win against AI in a relaxed setting or against other players in a competitive match.
Because both games are connected, the creatures you capture in the Overworld become your team in Arena, and your success in the Arena boosts your team, making your return to the Overworld adventures even more thrilling. The stronger you get in one game, the stronger you'll be in the other.

What are Illuvials, and how can they be utilized within the game?

Illuvials are the powerful and diverse creatures you'll encounter on your journey through the alien world of Illuvium. When you capture an Illuvial, it becomes a part of your growing team, ready to be deployed into action, helping you tackle and defeat stronger foes throughout the game.
In "Illuvium: Arena," your collected Illuvials become your champions, leading the charge as you formulate and execute your battle strategies. As the Illuvium universe expands with more games, your Illuvials will be central to your experiences, bringing depth and continuity to every new challenge you face. They are more than just collectables; they are your allies across every frontier of the Illuvium universe.

Where can I track the game's progress?

Stay updated with the latest developments and sneak peeks on our Discord Server https://discord.gg/illuvium.

How do you incorporate community feedback?

We believe the best game experiences are forged with the community at the helm. That's why we not only actively seek out your feedback but also empower you to help steer the course of Illuvium. Join our Discord, pitch your ideas in the forum, and be part of the decision-making through our community-elected council. This council plays a pivotal role in determining the game's direction, ensuring that player voices aren't just heard—they're part of the command that shapes our world.

Why is Illuvium in Early Access?

Currently, we're refining features for Open Beta, rolling out new updates and addressing bugs.

How can I play the game?

  1. Acquire the Early Access version via Epic Games.
  2. Register an account as prompted in-game.

Will I retain my in-game progress?

No, all progress will be reset as we transition to Open Beta, anticipated in Q1 2024.

On which platforms will Illuvium be available?

Illuvium is available on Windows and Mac OS.

What languages are supported during Early Access?

Currently, Illuvium is English-only.

How do I report feedback or bugs?

Report issues directly in-game with our bug reporter. We're actively addressing bugs and improving features. You can also contact us at [email protected]

Why can't I access Illuvium in my country on the Epic Game Store?

We aim to expand accessibility to as many countries as possible. If your country isn't supported, we're likely working on it.

How does Illuvium integrate blockchain, NFTs, or cryptocurrency?

We utilize Blockchain to unify assets across our games, pioneering an interconnected blockchain game universe. Most in-game assets are NFTs, ensuring your ownership and freedom of use.

What benefits does this bring to the player?

We envision a unified gaming experience. Actions in one game reflect in others. Capture an Illuvial in the Overworld, and it becomes usable in our Autobattler or tradable with other players.

Is an external wallet necessary? Which wallets are compatible?

Currently, no wallet is required. For the Open Beta, wallet integration is optional. We support wallets compatible with the Immutable X blockchain, including all Metamask-compatible ones.

Can I play without blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency interactions?

In our present version, game assets are not interconnected. Blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency aren't required. Once we connect our games, we aim to provide a seamless integration for all players.

Which blockchain does Illuvium utilize? Is it proof-of-work or proof-of-stake?

Illuvium is built on Immutable X, a gas-free Layer 2 solution operating on the Ethereum Blockchain (a proof of stake chain).

Is there a marketplace for in-game assets?

Absolutely, the Illuvidex is your go-to hub for all in-game assets, offering a seamless and official platform for finding, collecting, and trading within the Illuvium universe. And because you fully own your assets, you have the freedom to trade on any marketplace built on Immutable X. This open ecosystem enriches your possibilities for trading and collecting, ensuring that you can engage with the community and marketplaces as you see fit.

What in-app or in-game purchases are offered in your product?

In the current early access edition of our game, players have the option to purchase customizable, hand-drawn avatars to personalize their experience. As we progress and expand our offerings, we plan to introduce additional in-game items for purchase. These future additions will include battle board skins, drone animations, and a range of expressive emotes, all designed to allow players to customize their gaming environment.

Can your product be used without making any in-app purchases?

Yes, Illuvium is designed as a free-to-play game, allowing players to fully enjoy the experience without the necessity of in-app purchases. While additional content and customizations are available for purchase, they are entirely optional.

Are in-app purchases refundable?

In-app purchases in our application are conducted on the blockchain, making them final and non-refundable. While we do not offer refunds, users have the unique opportunity to exchange or sell their assets to other players.