Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets

Survive a macabre story of living puppets

Survive a macabre story of living puppets

After a long period without finding a job, Jack is forced to join the family business, which he had disowned since he was a child. He begins what will be his first case, simple in appearance, but which will suddenly become his worst nightmare.
Embark with Jack Holmes in a macabre story of living puppets, uncontrolled animatronics and more nightmarish beings through places as strange as a house where experiments are done with children, some mines full of huge spiders or a terrifying amusement park while you do everything to survive.
You'll also have to manage the bullets and first aid kits you find... oh, and don't forget to get on the rides!
Empty your enemies' magazines while doing everything you can to survive!
You'll face various types of enemies with different mechanics and even bosses - you won't be able to run or hide from anyone here!
Dark and terrifying locations, an abandoned house, a basement where children are experimented on, the old abandoned mines and even an amusement park that you can visit at your own pace as you explore every corner in search of ammo and first aid kits to survive.
A fair where you can ride the rides and the roller coaster. Explore each part of the park with its own atmosphere, and enjoy all the attractions. But don't be overconfident, danger lurks around every corner.
• FPS Survival Horror with ammo and first aid kit management
• Variety of different scenarios
• Several types of enemies
• A tragic and macabre horror story

Системные требования Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets



OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 7
CPUIntel Quad Core
CPUIntel i5
Memory8 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
GPUNvidia Geforce GTX 970
GPUNvidia Geforce GTX 2060
Storage41 GB available space
Storage41 GB available space
Поддерживаемые языки
  • Аудиодорожка: English
  • Текст: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish (Spain), Italian, French, German
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