The Coma: Recut

You are Youngho, a Korean high school student trapped and relentlessly pursued by a psychotic killer in the hellish corridors of Sehwa High. Run, hide, explore, and survive while piecing together the mystery The Coma in this remastered version of the Korean cult classic.
The good news is your school is about to explode. The bad news’re trapped in it with her.
The Coma is back, recut and remastered. Explore this horror-fest of the Korea indie cult classic with an all new visual upgrade and mechanics.
  • 2D hand illustrated visuals.
  • A unique infusion of Korean horror in the survival-adventure genre.
  • Listen carefully to footsteps revealing the killer’s approach.
  • Run and hide from the world’s most relentless psycho-killer.
  • Avoid poisonous tentacles and clawing shadows as you explore.
  • Discover notes and clues that illuminate the mystery of Sehwa High.
  • Work together with the others who are trapped here. But can they be trusted?
  • Crouch in the shadows during intense moments as the Killer searches for you.
  • Reveal the startling mystery of your school through maps, notes, and exploration.

Системные требования The Coma: Recut



OS versionWindows XP
OS versionWindows 10
CPUCore2Duo or above
Memory2 GB
Memory4 GB
GPUAny with hardware 3D acceleration
GPUNvidia 7900 / equivalent
DirectXDirectX 9
Storage1 GB
SoundCardSoundblaster / equivalent
Additional NotesEarphones!
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Поддерживаемые языки
  • Аудиодорожка: Н/Д
  • Текст: English, Spanish (Spain), French, German, Korean, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Ukrainian
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