MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Standard Edition
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Standard Edition

Reloaded opens up the mechlab and allows deeper mech customization, including engines, various internal system upgrades and modules. The mod also include modifications to missions including new turrets, and custom-built enemy mechs, and more.
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Reloaded features an unlocked mechlab which allows for deeper customization of your mechs. Mechs are no longer limited by the size of their hardpoints, and additional hardpoints has been added to almost all MW5 mech roster.

New Gear

New equipment includes different types of engines, armor, endosteel structure, arm and leg upgrade modules with different boosts, better sensors, thermal optics (bound to 'H' key), MW3 style targeting computer (linkable to desired projectile weapon), etc.

Custom-built enemy mech roster

Reloaded includes more than 170 custom built mechs (utilizing the new mechlab) which according to their tech and current in game year can be deployed by the enemy against you, found in markets, or salvaged from the battlefield. Be prepared for surprises!!

New turrets

Reloaded includes new and improved turrets (20+). Turrets are now significantly more durable and have much more dangerous weapons, including LRMs and heavy weaponry such as AC20, AC10 or PPCs... depending on mission difficulty.

Mission balance changes

Enemy force composition has been changed to shift the focus towards more mechs rather than lots of vehicles. In addition to that, mission salvage shares for each mission has been increased by 50%.
Tip: a legged mech is more likely to be salvaged for parts

Visual changes

Improved visuals for lasers (brighter, fuller beams) - fixed and improved weapon trails (such as gauss and PPCs, and missile smoke). Volumetric re-scaling of mechs resulting in more consistency between size and mech weight, and better balance.


Weapons are now equipped based on the number of free slots (sized slots are no longer in effect).
The projectile weapon linked to the targeting computer can be changed using the arrow keys (currently selected weapon is highlighted in weapons panel)

Note 2

It is recommended to start a new game after installing the mod. Installing the mod on an ongoing campaign will lead to your mechs not having engines or other parts, which you need to go buy off market, which can cost A LOT of cbills.