The Proving Grounds Update is Now Live in World War Z!


Survivors!  World War Z’s Proving Grounds update is now live and features Weekly Challenge mode,  a separate playlist with unique gameplay modifiers (e.g., “all weapons are replaced with crossbows” or “players take damage if they’re too close to each other”) designed to dramatically change your play style and keep the struggle against the undead dangerous and exciting each week.  With over 40 unique modifiers, make sure to check back in for a new challenge every week! 

Completing the weekly challenge will reward you with a new currency that you can spend on new character customization options like color schemes, headgear, backpack attachments and more. The update also includes the new FN FAL battle rifle, as well as a variety of game fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

The new Biohazard Bundle is also now available, featuring three new weapon skins and a tomahawk axe.

The Proving Grounds Update rounds out the first season of free content for World War Z, which included the new “The Undead Sea” Tokyo mission and the six-skulls extreme difficulty setting for all chapters. Season two, coming soon, will add new PvE maps, survival mode, special zombie, gameplay updates, and even more skins.  We can’t wait to bring you even more World War Z content!