Alchemist Adventure
Alchemist Adventure

Explore a world full of adventure in this action RPG that tells the story of Mya, a powerful alchemist who travels across the dangerous lands of mythical Isur trying to recall the lost memories of her past.

The plot

Explore the devastated lands and uncover hidden secrets. Your journey will take you through four regions filled with quests, puzzles, enemies of all kinds and bits of lore that will help you to unlock the secrets of a seemingly forsaken region. You play as Mya, a young and talented alchemist who is eager to find and save her daughter and husband. While playing, you will learn more about this strange land, your memories of it, and the disturbing connection between Isur and your own story.

About this game

Alchemist Adventure is a game that encourages you to experiment, think, and search for new things throughout your journey. There are no strict alchemical recipes, so you will be able to make your own unique potions and explore the possibilities of the rich alchemy system. As you progress, the challenge increases, and the number of save points decreases — and with no auto save, you will need to be careful, think ahead, equip yourself with the right potions for the job, and most importantly….watch your step!

Create potions

Use the four basic elements (fire, water, air, earth) along with special ingredients to create bombs, elixirs, and sword oils. There’s a potion for every task, and you can craft your own unique recipes!

Transform the world around you

Use alchemy to interact with the environment: raise the water levels, create ice platforms, move objects, and much more.

Solve alchemical puzzles

Combine elements to open chests, make paths, or find hidden objects.

Elemental monsters await

Use elements to discover enemies’ weaknesses and try different strategies to defeat them.

Switch between characters or play co-op

Join the journey as a flying homunculus that can fight, solve puzzles, collect resources, and play with a friend!



OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10
CPUi5 (4th gen)
CPUi5 (9th gen)
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
GPU2GB GPU (GTX 700 series or superior)
GPU3GB GPU (GTX 900 series or superior)
DirectXDirectX 11
Storage4 GB available space
Storage4 GB available space
  • เสียง: English
  • ข้อความ: English, Italian, Spanish (Spain), French, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Russian, German, Arabic
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