Axolotl Kingdom

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Axolotl Kingdom is a charming hand drawn pet simulator, where you can adopt your own Axolotl. You can customise your Axolotl with 20 unique accessories, with options for all styles! Our Kingdom is brimming with life, with locations such as the Cafe and Arcade!

Game Overview

Axolotl Kingdom is a charming pet simulator experience, lovingly crafted by Sunflower Studios. You’ll be able to care for your Axolotl, and customise them with 20 unique hats and accessories- ranging from fancy Top Hats to cute Bow Ties.
Explore a wonderfully hand drawn Kingdom, with mini games in the Arcade, a Cafe, and a Play Park for your Axolotls! You even have your own house in the Kingdom, to serve as a hub for your adventures with your Axolotl.
Although our game is a fun pet simulator, we know that Axolotls are a critically endangered species. That’s why we’ve included plenty of interesting facts about real Axolotls, to help bring attention to this beautiful and unique species.


The Axolotl Kingdom has many beautiful hand animated locations for you and your Axolotl to explore.
The Cafe will have food options to feed your Axolotl, and all you have to do is unlock food items through exploration!
The Tailor Shop will boast all the hats and accessories for your Axolotl, offering a convenient and cute location to customise your little buddy.
If you want to play fun games with your Axolotl, look no further than the Arcade! Play classic arcade games with a thematic twist, and earn Axolotl Arcade Tickets for your efforts!
The Museum will host all the fun real life facts about Axolotls, and will also have some fun secrets for you to discover! There’s also a gift shop, where you can use your Axolotl Arcade Tickets to purchase more accessories.
Last, but certainly not least, you’ll have your very own House within the Axolotl Kingdom! It’ll serve as your hub while you explore everything our game has to offer.


As your explore our vibrant Kingdom, you’ll find plenty of secrets and unlockable items for your Axolotl. There’s 20 unique and stylish accessories and hats to discover, through exploration, the Museum Gift Shop, and talking to characters within the Kingdom! The Cafe’s food options are also unlockable through exploration, so you can feed your Axolotl a varied and fun diet.

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OS versionwindows 10
OS versionwindows 10
CPURyzen 5 or equivalent
CPURyzen 5 or equivalent
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory4 GB RAM
GPUgtx 1060 or equivalent
GPUgtx 1060 or equivalent
DirectXDirectX 10
DirectXDirectX 12
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  • ข้อความ: English
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