• Catoise-1y4ot
Make portals and levitate objects to solve puzzles - help Catoise get back home after a shopping trip in space ends in a crash landing. Collect parts of the damaged ship scattered across this strange planet. Meet friendly and unfriendly animal characters along the way.

A Portal-Puzzle Adventure Like No Other!

Join Catoise on a thrilling journey across a strange alien planet. Use the mysterious bracelet to shoot portals and levitate objects to complete each level and collect parts of your broken spaceship.
  • Customise your cat: Choose different colours and fur styles for your own Catoise.
  • Interesting puzzles: Complete the levels using portals and physics-based solutions.
  • 25 Levels: Spanning four zones and two boss battles.
  • 6 supported languages: English, Welsh, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese.