Jewel Run

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Jewel Run is the ultimate multiplayer action game that puts a hilarious spin on burglary! Join the heist as two teams with distinct gameplays go head-to-head: Will the cunning thieves outsmart the magical orchard's vigilant guards, or will the guardians protect their treasures?

Play as a team to defeat a formidable opponent or feel the thrill of defeating a whole team by yourself.

Choose Your Team

As a thief looking for adventure, team up with up to 7 like-minded youngsters to seek fortune. As Mr or Mrs Crosby, you will be alone to defend your quiet way of life. Don’t be afraid to use your strength and all the tools at your disposal to protect your goods.

To Steal Or To Defend?

The thieve's goal is to get through the garden's maze, shake the trees to get their jewels, and carry this loot safely to their base. Carrying a lot will slow you down! The Crosbys may be outnumbered and slow, but they can tactically deploy their clumsy dogs to corner the thieves, before taking them out with a precise tackle! Tackle a few thieves, and you win!

Unleash Your Creativity

Express your own playstyle with or against your friends: dash to become intouchable, lure the dogs away from your team, or take as many jewels at once as you can! Unlock outfits elements to customize your character, as well as map features that change the gameplay: alarms that will reveal your location to the other team, trick walls that will block your pursuers, bushes to hide into, teleporters… Each session guarantees fresh challenges and intense action. Warning: Jewel is free to play, but to unlock most character customization options as well as map gameplay features, you will need to buy the Premium DLC. If you play online with someone who has the Premium DLC, you will be able to play with them on the premium maps for free!

A Unique Visual Appeal

Inspired by the renowned filmmaker Tim Burton, the visuals of Jewel Run combine a dark and twisted atmosphere with vibrant and colorful visuals, creating a truly one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Players will experience a world unlike any other, filled with strange and intriguing characters and locations that are sure to leave a lasting impression.
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OS version7
OS version7
CPUDual core, 2Ghz or greater
CPUDual core, 2Ghz or greater
GPUGeForce 700 Series or Similar
GPUGeForce 700 Series or Similar
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