Reiwa outliers

A visual novel of magical realism, a GalGame of absurdism.

A visual novel of magical realism, a GalGame of absurdism.

The male protagonist, Tojo Watermelon, creates a romantic story between his fantasy reality novel and his black Nagasaki friend.
Absurdity coexists with magical reality.
Strive to compress the content to within two hours. Works priced at 10-20 yuan.
It is a short story work, daily GalGame. And do not create with the goal of localization. If you think localization has gone too far, it is purely an illusion.
The main and important roles include Mandarin dubbing.
About a bug that cannot be fixed
Due to the fact that this work was created on the 3A500 platform MJ7201 using the Wine binary translation GC engine on UniTrust UOS, there may be occasional flashbacks on AMD's CPU, especially 5900HS, for unknown reasons.
This bug does not affect customs clearance, but users who use AMD series CPUs should manually save files slightly more frequently. Since other language versions will not be released, please support the self-developed Chinese games on Chinese platforms. thanks
Here are some important explanations about this game
Chinese people use Chinese engines! Using Chinese CPU! Use a Chinese graphics card! Using the Chinese system!
This work does not use any non Chinese materials
6 original BGM songs all produced by Chinese musicians
20 CG backgrounds all created by Chinese artists
UI design is all produced by Chinese artists
A small amount of commercial background materials are produced by Chinese commercial material websites
This game contains a lot of political inaccuracies.
If the storyline is similar, please do not take the same seat.
The game has been created. If you want to play the game quickly, you can add a wish list!!!
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    • linghehanjianwuyu-d222t

ข้อกำหนดของระบบ Reiwa outliers



OS versionwindows7/10/11
OS versionwindows7/10/11
DirectXDirectX 10
DirectXDirectX 12
  • เสียง: Chinese (Simplified)
  • ข้อความ: Chinese (Simplified)
If the story is similar, please do not substitute it. Unauthorized copying and dissemination are not allowed. Allow for the production of translation patches in various languages, But it is recommended to inform us before issuing translation patches.