What is Rooted about ?

In the near future, a new kind of weapon that can put an end to civilization as we know it is used in a world-wide war.
Countries have collapsed, and survivors fight over resources—you are one these survivors.
Explore a vast open world that includes a countryside with a forest, hamlets and small villages, and a large city with many resources left over, but be careful in this harsh environment because danger lurks everywhere.
Rooted is about surviving, exploring, salvaging, and building. This unforgettable experience can be done either solo or with friends.

When is Rooted coming out ?

Rooted is currently in an early stage of development (as of May 2022), and as such, we are still working on the ... roots ... of the game. It is currently too early to give an estimated release date.
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Will Rooted be releasing on consoles (Xbox/Playstation) ?

Our priority is getting the game out for PC. However, we would really like to bring Rooted to consoles further down the line.

What languages Rooted support?

The game is being created in English, and the localization system allows us to offer the game in all languages... BUT! Translation will need to be done. 🙂
We will propose new languages, prioritizing those of the nations that are most seen in the community.
During alpha sessions, the game will only be available in English.

How much will the game cost?

It is still too early to give a price for the game.
We are focused on development, while also developing our relationships with potential partners who have contacted us. We are currently discussing various topics including pricing with these potential partners.
We need to wait until we have more concrete information about partnerships and financing before we can announce an approximate price.

Is Rooted PVE or PVP (or Both) ?

Our priority is PVE in both Solo and Co-Op, and that is what we are going to deliver first. However, since a lot of you are interested in getting a PVP experience, we will add PVP to the game later on.