SHAFTED is a QUICK resource management game. Build your mini mining colony. Optimize your mineral outputs. Strategically position your buildings with turn based tactics. Pay off your contracts or else you'll get SHAFTED.

About The Game

SHAFTED is a micro-mining simulator with an emphasis on letting you quickly build out your colony. Single rounds are fast and short. The alien clients swoop in to extract contract payments. Clear out those clients and call it a day.

Mining Colony Management

  • Expand your colony with mining equipment.
  • Build a variety of harvesters, each providing a unique production bonus.
  • Manage 4 primary minerals: Stone, Copper, Iron, Gold.
  • Each resource has a special purpose in your colony.


  • Each mineshaft has a new optimization challenge.
  • CONFIGURE optimal paths to maximize profits.
  • SPEND from your bank to upgrade equipment.
  • PRIORITIZE or else you'll get SHAFTED!

Turn Based Tactics

  • PLAN the placement of your units every day.
  • No time limit.
  • REACT to the alien client's attacks. (RUDE Clients!)
  • Manage grid expansions on future stages!