What new characters can we expect in Terrordrome: Reign of the legends?

As the title hints, the focus departs from horror movie licensed characters to a wider variety of popular characters rooted in cultural myth and legends as well as classic horror literature figures.

Is Terrodrome: RotL going to be a 3D game?

The game will keep a 2D gameplay but have 3D graphics and it will be powered by Unity 3D engine.

When can we expect the crowdfunding campaign?

We tried a kickstarter which failed so we are looking towards other means to get the funds we need. but now if would like to help us you can buy our merchandise here.

Is there any chance we’ll see Freddy, Jason, Leatherface … (you name it) in Terrordrome: RotL?

Because of all the troubles that licensing have caused us in the past (Warner wanted us to remove Freddy and Jason, and Orion wanted us to remove Ash) and because TRDM: RotL will be a commercial title, we plan to give the players a new horror fighting experience by using free licensing popular characters. The horror genre is vast enough and it would be a shame to only stick with modern licensed characters. We know we can create a very exciting and compelling game without Jason and Freddy in it, yet if we get the opportunity to include them or other popular icons, we will.