Tin Hearts

Behind every brilliant invention, hides a magical story. Guide a troop of tin soldiers through a magical toy-filled world, in this immersive puzzle adventure game from members of the team that brought you Fable.


Behind every brilliant invention, hides a magical story. From members of the team that brought you Fable, comes Tin Hearts – an immersive puzzle adventure game wrapped in a powerful tale of love and compromise.
Guide a troop of mischievous tin soldiers through a magical toy-filled world using a variety of whimsical and inventive contraptions to bounce, shoot and glide them to their goal. March through 40+ levels of time-bending, soldier-routing riddles, forge new paths for your toys to follow, and solve increasingly elaborate puzzles to unravel the emotional, thought-provoking story, of Albert J. Butterworth, a genius inventor of Victorian times.

Embark On A Trail Of Puzzles

Control toy cannons to clear the way ahead, bounce to new heights using trampoline drums, and manipulate balloon inflating machines to help the soldiers reach their destination!

Unravel The Story

Discover a deeply emotional story spanning generations and dimensions, masterfully woven into the fabric of this puzzle-filled world. Clues are everywhere, seek them out and you will be rewarded with a heartfelt tale, beautifully voiced and animated over three acts.

Explore A Magical World

Feel like a child in a toy store as you immerse yourself in a magical, alternate-timeline Victorian universe full of nostalgic warmth and charm.

Use Your Imagination

Unlock powers to control objects in the world, from wooden blocks to drums to toy trains. Link objects in interesting ways as you build paths to the exit for your fearless tin soldiers to follow, and slowly reveal the secrets of their past.

Manipulate Time

Pause, fast-forward and rewind time to change the outcome of your actions and complete increasingly intricate puzzles.

Music To Warm Your Heart

Take your time working through the relaxing puzzles and enjoy the poignant soundtrack, from award-winning composer Matthew Chastney, whose credits include trailers for ‘JOKER’, 'Chernobyl', and 'Bridgerton'.

From The Developers Of Fable

Tin Hearts is brought to life by former members of the exceptionally talented Lionhead Studios development team, responsible for the critically acclaimed Fable series.


คะแนนและรีวิวของ Tin Hearts

  • 76%
  • 79
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    คะแนน OpenCritic
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God is a Geek
โดย Chris White
9 / 10
Tin Hearts tells a moving story through a wonderful narrative, smart puzzles, and one of the most beautiful scores written for a video game.
โดย Erin Castillo
89 / 100
Overall Tin Hearts takes its players on an emotional journey through the charming world of the Butterworth household.
โดย Alyssa Rochelle Payne
7.5 / 10
Tin Hearts is a perfect little puzzler to dive into if you like clever puzzles, touching narratives, and charming Victorian settings. However, the controls aren't always great, which may frustrate you more often than you'd like.
รีวิวโดย OpenCritic

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OS versionWindows 7 SP1
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntel i5-4590 equivalent
CPUor better
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory8 GB Ram
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 equivalent
GPUor better
DirectXDirectX 11
Storage7 GB available space
  • เสียง: English
  • ข้อความ: French, German, English
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