How did you design the combat experience?

Trinity Fusion is all about great-feeling combat. It’s a dance of slashes and dodges punctuated with satisfying special moves. We’re taking everything we learned from building our previous fighting game, Brawlout, and applying it to a purely PvE experience.
Each of your alternate selves have their own set of unique abilities and weapons to help them fight through their worlds. As their worlds fuse, so will your alternate selves, granting you access to the abilities and weapons from each of your combined selves at the same time. This can allow you to mix and match the strengths of each character’s unique weapon set, or unlock new abilities that none of the base characters have access to.

How did the multiverse end up in such a dire situation?

Learn the backstory of the multiverse by speaking with the diverse cast of characters in the Citadel, Trinity Fusion’s hub world, and uncover hints of the darker side of its history as you explore the multiverse for yourself.
These rich characters and lore are created in collaboration with award-winning poet and sci-fi novelist Ada Hoffmann, writer of The Outside, The Fallen and The Infinite (which we are avid fans of).
As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock new starting points throughout the multiverse. We want players to be able to make it to the end of the story if they stick with it, so even if you don’t manage to make story progress on a particular run, you’ll regularly find currencies that you can spend on permanent upgrades each time you return to the Citadel.