Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines is a cute and creepy adventure set within a mysterious book. You play as both the reader of the book and its main character, Luka.
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Something strange is happening at the old warehouse, and Luka and his friends seem to be the only ones taking notice. Sneak out late, make new friends, uncover hidden truths, and collect words that will change the course of fate!
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While helping Luka investigate the strange goings-on in Beacon Pines, you’ll collect special golden charms, each with a word engraved on it. These charms can be used at certain turning points in the story to fill in a blank word and drastically change everything that follows.
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As the book's reader, you’ll navigate the story’s turning points using The Chronicle: an interactive story tree that branches and grows along with your choices. Exploring one set of events can unlock new charms to use on another branch, leading you to jump back and forth between entirely different versions of the story in order to unravel the mysteries at the heart of Beacon Pines.

Beacon Pines Puanları ve İncelemeleri

Bob Richardson yazdı
80 / 100
A young adult mystery surrounding a quaint town that prefers simplicity over ambition.
Heidi Nicholas yazdı
8 / 10
Overall, I enjoyed my time with Beacon Pines. Its eye-catching storybook art style catches your attention which is then held by the game's fast-moving and suspenseful plot. There were times when this story felt too convoluted in some areas whilst a little lacking in explanation in others, but it's still an easy recommendation. Just don't trust its cutesy appearance too much — Beacon Pines might start out at the beginning of Summer, but that eerie undertone makes it a great contender to play in the run-up to Halloween.
TJ Denzer yazdı
9 / 10
I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a softy when it comes to good stories, but I’ve still played quite a few games and seen enough narratives of all kinds to think it’s hard to floor me these days. Or so I thought, anyway. I’m not sure if I was caught off guard or if Beacon Pines really is just that good. It’s pretty easy to see that its art and music are both top notch. Ultimately, this is also a story good enough that I’d love more people to see it so I can talk to them about it. It might not be the longest game, and the thrill of the exploration may bottleneck a bit at the end, but the changing course, different routes, and ultimate ending of Beacon Pines are still more than worth exploring for any fan of narrative adventure.
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OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 10
CPU2.0 GHz
Memory2GB RAM
Memory4GB RAM
Storage500 MB available space
Additional input deviceGamepad
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  • Ses: English
  • Metin: English
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