Danger Forever
Danger Forever

Danger Forever is 3D Shoot'Em Up with RPG elements. Lone human rides her mecha-dragon through a hostile world of mechanoids and techno-demons.
Lone human rides her mecha-dragon
through a hostile alien world of mechanoids and techno-demons
Unlike most scrolling shooters, you fly through a 3D environment — use it to your advantage, and beware of bumping into walls or ground. Also, instead of traditional showering enemies with bullets, you must think ahead a bit - the fuel/heat system adds more depth to combat.
Levels are procedurally generated; each level is slightly different every time you play it (but it's not entirely random, of course).
Energy and materials obtained during level playthrough can be used to upgrade and customize your dragon.
You will need those materials and energy to build a spaceship to fight your way out of that hostile planet.

► Explore over 100 levels in 6 distinct regions

The World map is procedurally generated, too. The world is 're-rolled' each time you start a new campaign.

► Utilize an elaborate scoring system to earn azure energy and materials needed for upgrades

The better your score, the better gear you can afford.

► Unlock new difficulty modes

On higher difficulty levels, you'll encounter enemies and hazards not present in 'normal' or 'easy' mode.

► Upgrade and customize your dragon

Abilities and weapon modes are unlocked and upgraded for azure energy and materials earned on levels. Plugin chips (dropped from bosses) can be used to strengthen your dragon even more.

► Challenge yourself on specially designed infinite 'survival' levels

Your run on survival level is ranked on leaderboards.
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Bizi Takip Edin


OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10
Memory4 GB
Memory8 GB
DirectXDirectX 11
Storage2 GB
Storage4 GB
SoundCardany supporting DirectX
SoundCardany supporting DirectX
Additional input deviceGamepad
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