What is the current state of the game?

Far Horizon is a complete experience. We have spent many years developing the environments, story, combat, quests, crafting, progression and all of the other systems that come together to create the gameplay experience. We are choosing Early Access for our initial release because we want Far Horizon to be extraordinary and we believe that your feedback and input we enable us to make Far Horizon even better than it is. We want to know what you love about the game, what frustrates you, and what new features or content you want to see.

Approximately how long will Far Horizon be in Early Access?

We are planning for Far Horizon to be in Early Access for approximately six months. This time is subject to change as we develop new features and content based on the feedback we receive from from you, our Early Access players.

How often will you be updating the game?

We plan to deliver new features and content with regular updates every 1-2 months. Our release cadence will fluctuate based on the scale and complexity of the content in each update.

Will my progress carry over into the launch of the game?

Absolutely! All progress will carry over from Early Access into the final release. You’ll have your items, quests, and everything you’ve crafted.

Can I get achievements in Early Access?

Yes! There are over 50 achievements to unlock as you loot, shoot, and craft to forge your destiny among the stars.

Will Far Horizon have mod support?

We want to empower our players to bring their creativity to Far Horizon. We are still evaluating potential opportunities for mod integration and creator tools. We don’t know yet if we will be able to deliver support for mods while the game is in Early Access.

Will the price change when the game leaves Early Access?

As the game will grow with additional features and content during Early Access, it is possible that the full release will have an increased price. This will depend on the duration of Early Access and the scope of the content we develop prior to the final release. However, we will communicate all information about a potential price changes long in advance of the final release so that players have the chance to purchase before a price change goes into effect.

How do I provide feedback or report a bug?

We would love to hear from you on the Far Horizon Discord Server
. You can also reach out to us on any of our social channels.