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‘GrandChase’ is a Free Online Action Role-Playing Game. Join us with Anime-style Characters in this Side-Scrolling Game to enjoy action-packed dungeons and PVP.

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‘GrandChase’ is a Free Online Action Role-Playing Game. Join us with your favorite Anime-style Character in this Side-Scrolling Game to rescue Aernas from the evil dangers that threaten the entire world! Enjoy the dungeons on your own, or join other players to defeat the various threats. Great adventures await you!

Various Characters and Jobs

Players can pick and select between 21 characters of different charms. Whether you wish to slash enemies with a sword, shoot arrows from afar, or devastate them with great magic, you can find whatever method to wreak havoc upon your enemies! Each character has their unique weapon and playstyle.
Explore Aernas and grow characters to unlock various jobs. Create your own build with new appearances, new playstyles, and new customization!

Customize Your Own Build

Players can try out different builds. You can unlock skill points through leveling, and try out various skills to assist you in your adventuers!
Shared Skills, Active Skills, Passive Skills, Basic Commands! Combine, customize, and create your own personal build and defeat your enemies in both PvE and PvP!

Customize Coordi

Mere skills aren't the end to the customizations! Use the Seal Breaker Scroll to find a unique appearance in the Coordi Shop! New outfits are available every week!


Challenge yourself to the limits of your strata by going against other players in PVP! Enter the arena with friends to be the last one victorious in 3vs3 battles! GrandChase offers various maps and modes for you to try out!

Dungeon & Raid

Challenge yourself to the various dungeons of GrandChase! Whether you're on your own or with friends, the game offers a variety of contents that you may challenge yourself to. Embark on an adventure across countless continents of Aernas!
Once you've gotten stronger, powerful enemies will stand before you! Gather allies to defeat these powerful enemies! Defeat the enemies to acquire equipment and further upgrade your battle powers!
You need other adventurers to defeat the most powerful enemies of Aernas! Push yourself to the limit with your friends and acquire various rewards!

Update & Event

GrandChase undergoes consistent updates and events to provide a wide variety of experiences to all heroes. Complete events to acquire EXP Boosts, Coordi Boxes, and many more items!
Step forward into the continent of Aernas and rescue Aernas from the hands of evil that threatens the entire world!

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OS versionWindows 10, 11
OS versionWindows 10, 11
CPUIntel Core i3
CPUIntel Core i3
GPUGeForce GTX 950
GPUGeForce GTX 950
DirectXDirectX 9
DirectXDirectX 9
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  • Ses: Korean, English, Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Metin: Korean, English, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
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