Hero Survival

Dive into an immersive roguelike experience in Hero Survival. Obliterate hordes of classic horror movie monsters, one by one, to appease the Mad Time God. Craft your own distinct character with a range of skills, weapons, and items. Can you survive the nightmarish challenge?
Hero Survival is a rogue-lite game in which you will slay hordes of enemies from classic horror movies by enhancing your character, learning different skills, and matching your play style with equipment.
Spend the coins earned in each run to unlock new characters. Get stronger, destroy thousands of enemies, survive wave after wave, and try not to upset the Mad Time God!
Hero Survival-5s8ul


  • 14 different weapons, from ordinary revolvers and submachine guns to legendary sniper rifles and grenade launchers
  • Dozens of different skills
  • Hundreds of item combinations to enhance your character
  • Your enemies are vampires, werewolves, mummies, and other monsters from classic horror movies
  • Fast-paced runs
  • Waves of enemies, each one longer and fiercer than the last. How long will you last?