What contents can we expect in Early Access?

"During the early access period, all contents that have been developed will be available. This includes at least 3 different battlegrounds, 40 or more types of weapons, and 4 mercenaries. Features such as Party Play, DNA Upgrade, Module System, Upgrade Parts, Customization, and Trade Post will be included as well.
We will be adding more contents on a consistent basis until the official release."

How long is the early access period?

Currently we do not have a set date period. We will continue to develop until we can decide on the exact release date. Once we get a clear set date, we will make further announcements.

How often will the game be updated?

Game will be updated 1~2 times monthly. The update will cover new battlegrounds, characters, weapons, and systems. The update will also improve the systems already in place as well.

Will the update override the progress that the players have made?

All account information will be saved in the server and will be maintained regardless of the update.
Return Alive will be seasonal regardless of the update and all progress other than Battlesuit, Emoticon, Emote, Character, and Credit (Cash Currency) will be reset at the end of each season. Contents that reset may be subject to change and will be announced at a later date before the reset.