Roboquest Soundtrack

This is the official soundtrack for the game Roboquest. It has been gracefully brought to us by Noisecream.

Roboquest Soundtrack

This is the official soundtrack for the game Roboquest, and includes both WAV and MP3 files.

Side Effects

(play this OST at your own risk)
  • surges of energy
  • unstoppable will to deal with your problems (like, now)
  • makes you want to work out
  • makes your neighbors like you more than before
  • may drastically increase the amount of bots harmed during play

Roboquest Puanları ve İncelemeleri

God is a Geek
Mick Fraser yazdı
8.5 / 10
Roboquest is just an uncomplicated, fun time that clears the palate after all the Soulslikes and open world adventures we've had this year.
Digital Chumps
Nathaniel Stevens yazdı
8 / 10
Roboquest from developer RyseUp Studios is a simple, fun, and fast-paced shooter that presses you as much as it rewards you. While not everything in it is gold, there is enough packed into this to make it a fun experience.
Gaming Age
Brendan Reilly yazdı
9 / 10
If you’re looking into dipping your toe into the Souls/rogue-like pool, I would strongly recommend giving Roboquest a look.
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Roboquest Sistem Gereksinimleri



İşletim Sistemi sürümüWindows 10 (64-bit)
İşletim Sistemi sürümüWindows 10 (64-bit)
İşlemcii3 4130
İşlemcii5 6500
Bellek8 GB RAM
Bellek16 GB RAM
Ekran KartıNvidia GeForce GTX 660
Ekran KartıNvidia GeForce GTX 1060
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 11
Depolama6 GB
Depolama6 GB
Desteklenen Diller:
  • Ses: İngilizce
  • Metin: İngilizce, Bulgarca, Rusça, Basitleştirilmiş Çince, Almanca, Fransızca, İspanyolca (İspanya), Brezilya Portekizcesi, Japonca, Korece, Geleneksel Çince
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