Spiders with laser swords! Duel to the death against your friends or choose to team up and hold back swarms of savage enemies. Swing, stab and shoot with style, effortlessly performing movie-worthy parkour.

Spiders With Laser Swords!

SpiderHeck is a fast-paced couch co-op brawler where spiders dance to the death in the grip of chaotic battles using laser swords, grenades and even rocket launchers to defeat their foes.
Challenge yourself by fighting wave after wave of vicious enemies in endless hours of single-player fun, or let the mayhem begin in a dazzling fight against your friends taking on the enemies in PvE; stab, sling, and scramble your way to victory in this silly spider showdown.


  • Single or Multiplayer PvE - Take on the enemies in single-player or local multiplayer chaos for up to 4 players.
  • Local Multiplayer PvP - Duel to the death against your friends to see who will become champion of the SpiderHeck arena.
  • Easy to Pick Up - Simple, intuitive controls that will have you swinging around like the spider swordmaster you are destined to be in no time.
  • Hilarious physics-based combat - Watch in delight as your friends pull off the ultimate parkour feat, before catapulting themselves face-first into the lava.
  • Incredible acrobatics - spiders react dynamically to the carnage, resulting in a range of badass and hilariously clumsy moments.
  • Choose your Weapon - A wide range of weapons to destroy your enemies with.
  • Level Up - Utilise perks to upgrade your gameplay.

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The Outerhaven Productions
Andrew Agress yazdı
SpiderHeck can absolutely bring out the competitive spirit in people. But its natural charm lies in providing laughs when the chaos lets loose and somebody swings right into a laser sword or accidentally blows up a chunk of the map. It would benefit from a bit more variety in game modes and content, but as it stands it offers a fun and unique spin on the couch brawler genre.
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SpiderHeck Sistem Gereksinimleri



OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntel i3 2125 3.30 GHz
CPUIntel i7-9700 or AMD Ryzen5 2600X or faster processor
Memory4 Gb
Memory8 Gb
DirectXDirectX 11
Storage1 Gb
Storage1 Gb
SoundCardA good one
Additional input deviceGamepad
Desteklenen Diller:
  • Ses: English
  • Metin: English, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Spanish (Spain), Italian, Korean, German, French, Chinese (Simplified), Russian
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