Suzerain: Kingdom of Rizia

Eleştirmenlerce beğenilen politik rol yapma oyununun ilk genişlemesi olan Kingdom of Rizia DLC'si ile Suzerain Evreninde yeni bir ülkeye hükümdar olmayı deneyimle. Kral Romus Toras olarak Rizia Krallığı'nın benzersiz çatışmalarını keşfet.

Suzerain: Kingdom of Rizia

You Are The King

Embark on a royal journey in Suzerain's first DLC. Embrace the crown as King Romus Toras, and lead the Golden Kingdom to a new era. Reclaim lost territories through diplomacy or force. Engage with royal houses and oversee the resources of Rizia. How will you reign?

How Will You Reign?

  • New Kingdom, New King: Assume the role of King Romus, the newly crowned leader of the Kingdom of Rizia. Explore South Merkopa, an expansion of the Suzerain Universe.
  • Geopolitical Challenges & New Resources: Start dialogues with national leaders. Will you forge new alliances or make new enemies? Oversee the management of new invaluable resources such as energy and authority.
  • A Game of Houses: Engage in discussions on religion, family, and romance. Dive into the dynamics of a royal family and houses where relationships intertwine, merging the realms of love, duty, and politics.
  • Build Your Nation: Sign dozens of Royal Decrees on topics such as order, economy, and welfare to develop and improve Rizia. Will you be the guardian of peace or the catalyst for conflict?
  • War Mechanic & Military Build-up: Experience the strategic and tactical military challenges in a turn-based experience. Build up the Rizian Armed Forces and train units to intimidate neighbors.
  • Rich Character Interactions: Encounter a diverse cast of 20 characters each with unique backgrounds and motivations.

The Fate of a Kingdom

Emerging from the legacy of a prosperous and influential monarchy, built over years through strong alliances, the Kingdom of Rizia is now facing new challenges. A rise in tension from the anti-monarchist movement and the loss of lands have cast shadows over the once-stable realm. How will you navigate these unsettling times?
Embark on a thrilling journey navigating the myriad of diplomatic challenges. Engage in a complex Game of Houses where each faction harbors distinct agendas, from reclaiming lost lands to recovering their own glories. The pivotal decision between maintaining peace or declaring war rests in your hands, dictating the destiny of the Golden Kingdom. How will you reign amidst this tumultuous landscape? Will you be able to skillfully manage the country's resources to steer it towards prosperity or not?
Your decisions will not only impact the stability of your realm but also determine the fate of House Toras and its legacy. The royal path ahead requires your best abilities as a leader to navigate the tapestry of the monarchy.
The destiny of Rizia rests in your hands, King Romus. Your subjects await.

Suzerain Puanları ve İncelemeleri

Jump Dash Roll
Shaun McHugh yazdı
7 / 10
Suzerain probably takes itself a bit too seriously, but offers a unique take on the genre of text-driven gaming that's worth experiencing.
David Burdette yazdı
85 / 100
Suzerain is unlike most things you can play that's out right now. The choose your own adventure stylings are fascinating, with rabbit trail upon rabbit trail to investigate. Because of this, you'll be able to play it again and again, and because they do such a great job with the setting and people you're going to want to. While some sections can be long in tooth, they only make me appreciate what Suzerain is doing, creating a riveting narrative of what it's like to be President.
The Digital Fix
Andrew Shaw yazdı
8 / 10
Suzerain is a compelling political drama/simulation and if you have the patience for great walls of text and often punishing decision-making, this is the game for you.
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OS versionWindows 7/8/10
OS versionWindows 8/10
CPUIntel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2,4 GHz, AMD FX 8120 @ 3,1 GHz veya eş değeri
CPUIntel i7 920 @ 2,7 GHz, AMD Phenom II 945 @ 3,0 GHz veya eş değeri
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
Depolama2 GB kullanılabilir alan
Depolama4 GB kullanılabilir alan
DirectXSürüm 9.0c
DirectXSürüm 9.0c
GPUNVIDIA GeForce 900 serisi, AMD Radeon RX 400 serisi veya eş değeri
GPUNVIDIA GeForce 10 serisi, AMD Radeon RX 500 serisi veya eş değeri
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  • Ses: İngilizce
  • Metin: İngilizce
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