《A Musical Story》官方原声:

由Charles Bardin和Valentin Ducloux作曲并录音,特别邀约Priscilla Cucciniello表演人声。官方原声包含26个原版歌曲。歌曲从70年代如Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix和Led Zeppelin等音乐家作品中汲取灵感。

《A Musical Story》官方原声:

A Musical Story-pzzzo

What influenced the soundtrack?

Composed and recorded by Charles Bardin and Valentin Ducloux, and featuring vocals by Priscilla Cucciniello.
The soundtrack contains 26 original songs and is inspired by the music and artists of the 70s, such as Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin.

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PC Gamer
作者:Tom Sykes
65 / 100
Great music, delivered in frustratingly bitty form. A clever rhythm game that doesn't mesh with its prominent story.
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OS versionWindows 7 or better
OS versionWindows 7 or better
CPU1.5 Ghz or faster
CPU1.5 Ghz or faster
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory4 GB RAM
GPUintegrated HD
GPUintegrated HD
Additional NotesRequires a 64-bit processor and operating system
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