How is blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency used in this product?

Incorporating NFTs and cryptocurrency enables players to possess complete ownership of their in-game assets, allowing them to trade these assets within the game or on platforms like OpenSea.

What utility does this bring to the product?

Champions are digital collectibles (NFTs) that can be evolved, trained, or used in battles. Additionally, this technology facilitates the trading of these collectibles on various marketplaces.

Does this product require me to connect an external wallet? What wallets does this product support?

There is no need to connect an external wallet for this product. This product supports the creation of a brand-new wallet for you within the game.

Can I use the product without interacting or engaging with blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency?

While the game automatically generates a wallet upon starting, it's possible to enjoy the game without purchasing any NFTs or tokens.

What chain does this product use? Is the chain proof-of-work or proof-of-stake?

This product utilizes Polygon, which is a proof-of-stake blockchain.

Does this product have a marketplace? What can I do with the things that I earn (or purchase)?

Our product features an in-game marketplace where you can, if you choose, trade champions with fellow players.

What is included in Early Access?

Early Access of our game includes three regions and over 71 champions. You will have the opportunity to explore these regions and master different characters with unique abilities and play styles.

How long will the game be in Early Access?

The game will be in Early Access for around 12 months. This will allow us to gather feedback from players and make necessary improvements.

How often will you be updating the game?

We understand the importance of keeping the game fresh and exciting, and we are dedicated to providing regular updates to our players. There will be monthly updates that will include new content, features, and bug fixes.

Will my progress be saved during updates?

All progress will be saved during updates.

Will the price change when the game leaves Early Access?

We have no plans to change the price when the game leaves Early Access.

Can I provide feedback and bug reports?

Yes, absolutely! We value the feedback and bug reports from our players as it helps us to make necessary improvements and deliver a better gaming experience. We encourage you to visit our Discord channel, where you can share your feedback, report bugs, and interact with other players.