《Costume Quest 2》

穿越时空,探索吓人的景观,穿上可爱的服装,化身为强力的万圣节战士,并收集更奇诡零食卡片(Creepier Treat Card),将其作为武器,和洁癖坏蛋军团战斗。

Double Fine 为你带来万圣节冒险续作

穿越时空,探索吓人的景观,穿上可爱的服装,化身为强力的万圣节战士,并收集更奇诡零食卡片(Creepier Treat Card),将其作为武器,和洁癖坏蛋军团战斗。

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作者:Tom Bramwell
7.5 / 10
Costume Quest 2 isn't a long game - it took me around six hours to complete, including almost all the side quests - but even a short game can outstay its welcome, and while there is still a great concept at the core of Double Fine's Halloween series, if anything this sequel is even further away from nailing it than its predecessor. Shallow and repetitive, Costume Quest 2's winsome appearance and occasional wit never quite obscure the busywork at its core.
作者:Matt Elliott
Costume Quest 2 is more treat than trick. Some unfortunate repetition means it's best enjoyed in moderation, but it's still colourful, sweet and slightly addictive.
作者:Dave Rudden
7.8 / 10
Costume Quest 2 improves on the first's combat and funny campaign, but the health and navigation systems need a revamp.
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《Costume Quest 2》 系统要求



操作系统Windows Vista
操作系统Windows 7
处理器1.8 GHz 双核 CPU
处理器Intel® Core 2 双核 2.2 GHz 或 AMD Athlon 64 2.2 GHz
内存4 GB RAM
内存4 GB RAM
存储空间1500 MB可用储存空间
存储空间1500 MB可用储存空间
Direct X版本 9.0c
Direct X版本 9.0c
显卡256 MB GeForce 8800, Radeon 3850 或 Intel HD 3000 Graphics
显卡512 MB GeForce 220、Radeon 4550、Intel HD 4000 Graphics
其他兼容 DirectX 的声卡
其他兼容 DirectX 的声卡
  • 语音:英语
  • 文本:英语、法语、德语、意大利语、西班牙语(西班牙)
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