Don't Byte Your Tongue

Rage and rise back to the top to reach your robo-lover in this challenging 8-bit retrowave platformer. With every jump counting like your life depends on it, this game will test your skills to the limit. So try your best not to rage and Don't Byte Your Tongue!
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Your robo-lover is waiting at the top! Get to the top and Don't Byte Your Tongue!


Don't Byte Your Tongue is a precision platformer that has a simple premise: Get to the top! The gameplay is easy to learn but hard to master, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. However, as you progress through the game, you'll face increasingly difficult challenges that will test your skills to the limit.
  • High Risk Launches: Once you launch yourself in any direction, there is no turning back. Launches can only be performed once you land somewhere and stay still.
  • Intense Wall Jumps: Wall jumps help you access platforms that are much higher and farther, but also present the risk of losing control. A single horrible wall jump could mean falling back to the beginning.
  • Hair Raising Slam Jumps: Once in the air, you can slam your character onto any surface in order to gain more height, but only once! These jumps can either help you avoid falling, or send you back to the very beginning.
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Every launch, wall jump, and slam jump counts like your life depends on it, as one mistake can send you falling back to the start of the level. With multiple game modes that offer more difficulty, you'll need to stay focused if you want to reach the top.
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  • Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay.
  • Beautiful 8-bit retrowave art.
  • Addictive synthwave tracks.
  • A total of 8 levels, each one adding a unique twist to the game.
  • Secret collectibles hidden in all levels that you can bring to the top for your robo-lover.
  • NPCs that bully you for not being good enough (may occasionally provide advice).
  • Multiple game modes that offer more difficulty.
  • Competitive cross-platform leaderboards to show off your skills.
  • A high difficulty platformer that will make you rage!
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Game Modes

Don't Byte Your Tongue features several game modes that offer different levels of difficulty and challenge:
  • KiloByte Mode: The original game mode, where you must climb to the top and avoid falling back down.
  • MegaByte Mode: Adds onto KB Mode by introducing a timer and a danger zone. The danger zone moves to the location of the last landing spot, and as the player remains in the danger zone, the timer will count down and eventually reach 0, which will teleport the player to the beginning of Level 1.
  • GigaByte Mode: This mode adds onto MB Mode and makes the game more challenging as the player will lose all progress if the timer reaches 0, meaning all your save data is gone.
  • TeraByte Mode: This is the hardest game mode. In addition to what is in GB Mode, this mode gives the player less time to move out of the danger zone. The danger zone can also randomly turn from red to purple, which will invert the player's launch controls and makes things even more challenging.
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Cross-Platform Leaderboards

Compete against other players from around the world on the cross-platform leaderboards. See who can beat each game mode the quickest and climb to the top of the global rankings.

A Unique Rage Game

If you're looking for a challenging platformer that will test your skills and make you rage, then Don't Byte Your Tongue is the game for you. With easy to learn, hard to master gameplay and multiple game modes to choose from, you can sink countless hours into this game! So try your best, don't get too mad, and Don't Byte Your Tongue!


25 经验值
25 经验值
25 经验值
25 经验值
50 经验值

Don't Byte Your Tongue 系统要求



OS versionWindows 7 64 Bit
OS versionWindows 10 64 Bit
CPUDual Core CPU
CPUQuad Core CPU or Better
Memory2 GB
Memory4 GB
GPUNVidia GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon HD 4850
GPUAnything Better
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 11
Storage500 MB
Storage500 MB
Additional NotesMinimum: Potato; Recommended: Fresh Potato
  • 音频: 不适用
  • 文本: English
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