GigaBash | Godzilla: Nemesis DLC

哥斯拉的宿敌入侵了!此 DLC 新增哥斯拉宇宙中的王者基多拉和黑多拉,具有电影中出现的特色能力。

GigaBash | Godzilla: Nemesis DLC


哥斯拉的宿敌来了!扮演王者基多拉和黑多拉,挑战 #哥斯拉,在巨击大乱斗宇宙中展开终极怪兽对决。这两个角色都拥有独特的技能和玩法,灵感来自于它们电影中的标志性时刻。

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作者:Mitchell Saltzman
7 / 10
GigaBash succeeds as a fun arena fighter with a focus on four-player chaos, even if that fun doesn't quite translate over quite as well to the solo or online experience.
作者:Dominic Leighton
8 / 10
GigaBash is a love letter to Kaiju cinema, assuming that a love letter can involve throwing buildings at each other. Raucous, entertaining, and brilliantly designed, GigaBash deserves to stomp its way into players' hearts around the globe.
7 / 10
While GigaBash's core gameplay systems of brawling are solid, everything surrounding that experience - the online component, content offerings, roster - are underwhelming when compared to contemporaries.
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备注Windows 操作系统 - minimum: Windows 10(64 位), recommended: Windows 10(64 位), Windows 处理器 - minimum: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz, recommended: Intel Core i5-4690K @3.50GHz, Windows 内存 - minimum: 6 GB, recommended: 8 GB, Windows 存储空间 - minimum: 20 GB, recommended: 20 GB, Windows DirectX - minimum: DirectX 11, recommended: DirectX 11, Windows 显卡 - minimum: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480,GTX 570,GTX 670 或更佳产品, recommended: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960,AMD Radeon R7 370 或更佳
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