《God's Trigger O.M.G. Edition - Extras》

首先,用最暴力的方式拯救世界。接着,一睹末日天启的幕后设计原画,一边出行一边欣赏《God's Trigger》的游戏音乐,并用精美的游戏壁纸给你的桌面添上拯救世界的色彩。

《God's Trigger - O.M.G. Extras》内含:

  • 70 多页的画册,其中有角色素描和关卡设计概念图 (内容很炫酷哦!)
  • 时长超过 40 分钟的游戏原声音乐,格式为 MP3 以及无损 FLAC (黑胶唱片发售日期待定)
  • 10 张高清游戏壁纸 (毕竟精美的画作多多益善)
  • 短篇数字版漫画书 (专为既喜欢美术又喜欢剧情的玩家准备)

God's Trigger 的评分和评论

  • 83%
  • 80
  • 良好
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God is a Geek
作者:Mick Fraser
8 / 10
God's Trigger is a vibrant, violent romp through Heaven, Hell, and everywhere between
作者:Codi Spence
85 / 100
God's Trigger is a fast-paced top down shooter in the realm of Hotline Miami, which brings with it some brutal deaths. The various abilities and ways to attack are fantastic. The story doesn't delve deep, but it does what's needed to keep you engaged.
Windows Central
作者:Brendan Lowry
While it's not perfect, God's Trigger offers a fantastic gameplay experience that any fans of brutal top-down shooter games like Hotline Miami will love.
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《God's Trigger O.M.G. Edition - Extras》 系统要求



操作系统Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64 位)
操作系统Windows 10(64位)
处理器Intel Core i5 2,3 GHz(或 AMD 同等产品)
处理器Intel Core i7 3,0 GHz(或 AMD 同等产品)
内存4 GB RAM
内存8 GB RAM
存储空间9 GB 可用储存空间
存储空间9 GB 可用储存空间
Direct X11
Direct X11
显卡NVIDIA GeForce 560 GTX 2 GB
显卡NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4 GB
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