Will the final version of the game come out on consoles/mobile devices too, along with PC?

Console/mobile releases are a real possibility. But we can’t confirm that just yet. Keep an eye on our announcements!

When will the game exit Early Access?

A rough estimation would be this or next year. It will depend in how the development goes.

For how long will I Am Future be in Early Access?

It depends. A rough estimation would be: “from several months to a year.” However, we may extend the Early Access phase should we see that we need more time to perfect the game or add more content.

Why Early Access?

Since the beginning of the I Am Future development, we have been relying a lot on our community. We arranged several playtests and received a lot of valuable feedback from our public demo players. We believe that keeping that kind of connection with our community will be beneficial for the further stages of development and will allow us to release an exciting game for our players.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

We would like to put a reasonable price tag for both the Early Access players and the players that will purchase v1. Therefore, the price tag will most likely be raised on the full release when the game will have more content compared to the Early Access version.

How many rooftops will there be in the game?

There will be several rooftops. The plan is to add at least one more on the Early Access launch and several more afterward.

Is a multiplayer mode something you might consider implementing?

So far, multiplayer is not planned.

Will we be able to play as a female character?

We originally wanted the game to be about a specific character with a history and personality traits. We understand that having a female character in the game is important for players, so we will definitely consider this possibility. But it would require a significant amount of work to be done: to correct dialogues, create a 3D model and outfits, make adjustments to the story and lore, etc. Therefore, it's hard for us to say yet when it will happen.

Will the game be translated into more languages in the future?

Perhaps. If the demand for a certain language is high enough, we will consider adding it