Land of the Vikings

Land of the Vikings is a survival colony sim game. Lead your village and expand it into a thriving city. A wise Jarl must manage resources, survive harsh conditions, and guide their fellow Vikings to work together through social conflict. Skál!

Manage your hoard

Chop down trees, plant and grow crops, hunt wildlife, mine for ore, and fish from the surrounding seas and fjords. Manage your resources carefully to ensure you can outlast the harsh winters, and expand your settlement from season to season.

Know your Vikings

Each of your villagers is a unique character in their own right. With 20+ characteristics, your villagers might be powerfully built strong men and women or silver-tongued thespians. Pay attention to skills and abilities when assigning tasks to your people. Not all Vikings are alike, nor are they equally good at all jobs!
As your settlement grows, more Vikings will seek to join. You can choose to welcome them or turn them away. Over time, your Vikings will begin new families and give birth to new generations, extending their lineage and strengthening your settlement.

Survive fierce weather and events

The land will bring many challenges to your settlement, from earthquakes to fire-starting lightning from Asgard. Unite your Vikings to withstand these disasters as best you can.
The seasons bring their own challenges, as do events and disasters. Be ready for storms, blizzards, or the long, deadly cold of the winter season. Prepare firewood and food stores to keep your Vikings warm and well-fed!

Trade with neighbors

Your neighbors are an excellent resource for goods and gold. Once you build a Trade Dock, ships will visit you with various cargos. You can also send out your own trade missions, as long as you have enough villagers to crew the vessel - and enough beer to fuel the crew!

Raid and plunder

Any good Jarl will tell you that brute force is the best path to glory. Gather your Vikings and raid foreign villages to plunder their gold and silver, and gain Fame points. Train and strengthen your Vikings, and command them through the all-new battle system to ensure your victory, while defending your settlement from other villages!
As your settlement flourishes, Viking heroes will want to pledge their valor to your cause. These heroes will lead your troops into battle, inspiring confidence and providing other bonuses along the way.

Celebrate and decorate

No grids allowed! You can build wherever you want, designing your settlement as you see fit, and to increase your Vikings’ happiness. Construct monuments to Odin or Freya and customize the look of your Viking ships. You can even modify the look of houses with the Building Editor. This powerful in-game editor will allow you to build and personalize an unlimited number of buildings and decorations!

Yggdrasil, the tech tree of life

Unlock new buildings and bonuses by spending Fame points in the Tree of Life. Discover beer brewing and build a Tavern for your villagers to relax in. Invest in goat farming to gather wool and weave fabric for better clothes. As you create better quality living and resources, your Vikings will become healthier and happier, and your settlement will flourish!

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作者:Holly Hudspeth
95 / 100
Land of the Vikings is a fresh new addition to the city building genre that breaks the mold with a gridless building feature. You can place your buildings, farms, and roads in any way you see fit, which allows for fantastic customization. It balances day to day managing of your Vikings out perfectly, making once tedious tasks in the genre a breeze. With excellent graphics and superior attention to detail, Land of the Vikings should not be missed if you are a fan of city builders. I cannot wait to see how this game progresses, and am thoroughly impressed so far.
作者:Holly Hudspeth
95 / 100
Land of the Vikings is a beautifully done survival colony sim that takes the genre to the next level with gridless building. The ease of managing your village and the simplicity of the UI are very much appreciated. It makes the hassle of doing mundane tasks for your village so much easier. The art, music, and attention to detail is phenomenal. Being able to build a village in any way I want is so much fun. You will be challenged throughout your game, all the while having a relaxing time watching your little Vikings go about their daily lives. Land of the Vikings is a masterpiece, and I highly recommend it!
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OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10
CPU3 GHz Dual Core Processor
CPU3.2 GHz Quad Core Processor
GPUGTX 960 Series or Equivalent
GPUGTX 1060 Series or Equivalent
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 11
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  • 文本: English
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