1. What Apps and in-app purchases are included in this product?

Life Makeover provides in-game virtual currency in the form of coupons. Life Makeover also provides in-app purchases such as Membership and Fashion Code that contain coupons and fashions.
For example, you can purchase coupons from in-game Mall. Coupon Packs include:
60 Coupon: Get extra 60 Diamonds on first purchase.
300 Coupon: Get extra 300 Diamonds on first purchase. Get extra 3 Diamonds for non-first-time purchase.
980 Coupon: Get extra 980 Diamonds on first purchase. Get extra 15 Diamonds for non-first-time purchase.
1980 Coupon: Get extra 1980 Diamonds on first purchase. Get extra 40 Diamonds for non-first-time purchase.
3280 Coupon: Get extra 3280 Diamonds on first purchase. Get extra 125 Diamonds for non-first-time purchase.
6480 Coupon: Get extra 6480 Diamonds on first purchase. Get extra 325 Diamonds for non-first-time purchase.

2. Are these in-app purchases using Epic Games' payment platform or the product's own platform? Please note: Epic cannot provide details or refunds for transactions made outside of Epic's payment platform.

Life Makeover’s in-app purchases use the product’s own platform. After the payment is completed, the receipt will be sent to your email.

3. Can I use this product without making any in-game purchases?

Life Makeover can be played without any purchases. All in-game purchases are optional.

4. Are in-app purchases refundable?

If you have any requests or questions about refunding, please refer to the following page: https://xsolla.com/refund-policy

You can also reach out to the Customer Service in the following methods:
1. Customer Service email: [email protected]
2. In-game Customer Service: Main Page > Avatar > User Center > Customer Service