《Miasma Chronicles》

《Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden》的制作组为你呈现这款令人难忘,精心打造的战略冒险游戏。踏上征程,穿越由神秘的狂野力量“瘴气”(Miasma)所撕裂的末世废土。

《Miasma Chronicles》

你将扮演 Elvis,一名幼年被带至采矿城镇 Sedentary 的年轻男子。他的母亲将他遗留在此,让一位机械“兄长”抚养他长大,并给了他一件可以控制瘴气的神秘手套。
  • 实时探索与回合制战略角色扮演元素互相结合。
  • 可升级的武器与能力将为你的英雄们在战斗中占得先机。
  • 沉浸在这个幻想风格的故事中,揭开瘴气(Miasma)背后的秘密。
《Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden》的制作组为你呈现这款令人难忘,精心打造的战略冒险游戏。


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作者:Shunal Doke
8 / 10
Despite its sometimes-awkward writing, Miasma Chronicles manages to tell an interesting story full of twists and turns in a world that's incredibly interesting and well thought out. And while its aspects of exploration are lacking, the game still manages to be a fun time thanks to in-game special abilities and the fun world-building that goes alongside making the story a blast to play.
RPG Site
作者:Adam Vitale
7 / 10
While Miasma Chronicles' tactical combat stylings are compelling, an undercooked narrative riddled with cliches, weak characters, and some glitchy behaviors hold this tactical RPG from its potential.
作者:Mindful Phill
80 / 100
In the post-apocalyptic world of Miasma Chronicles, players embark on a gripping journey with Elvis, a young man possessing a unique glove that can control the devastating Miasma. Developed by The Bearded Ladies, known for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, this turn-based tactical game offers a captivating story and memorable characters, though it follows a mostly linear narrative. While the exploration aspect may feel repetitive, the game truly shines in its intense combat, featuring Elvis's glove and strategic elements inspired by games like X-COM. With customization options, evolving characters, and no need for grinding, Miasma Chronicles delivers an accessible and engaging experience for players seeking a balance of gameplay and narrative.
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《Miasma Chronicles》 系统要求



操作系统Windows 10 或更高版本
操作系统Windows 10 或更高版本
处理器Intel Core i5-4590 或 AMD FX 8350
处理器Intel Core i7 或 AMD Ryzen 7
内存8 GB 内存
内存16 GB 内存
存储空间30 GB 可用存储空间
存储空间30 GB 可用存储空间
显卡NVIDIA GTX 970 或 AMD Radeon R9 290 或 Intel Arc A380
显卡NVIDIA GTX 1070 或 AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 或 Intel Arc A750
其他建议使用 SSD
其他建议使用 SSD
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