《Magic: The Gathering Arena》
《Magic: The Gathering Arena》

无人不晓其名。现在就下载游戏,体验《Magic: The Gathering》有史以来规模最大的联动卡片系列。立刻解锁强大的卡组,只需游玩即可获得奖励,在适配各种技能水平玩家的多种游戏模式中一较高下。
BECOME WHAT YOU FEARThe dark approaches. Beyond the village walls, werewolves and other horrors roam free. Heed the call of the full moon with new werewolf double-faced cards, and join your coven of powerful Warlock cards. Dive into Midnight Hunt’s horror themes across a new lineup of spooky mechanics, including Daybound/Nightbound and Disturb. As the days get ever shorter, will you fight the creatures that lurk in the shadows... or become one?



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Game Revolution
作者:Alex Santa Maria
“After a year in beta, Magic: The Gathering Arena has worked out all of its problems. It's an excellent entry point into the long-standing card game and a more complex alternative to titles like Hearthstone.”
Game Informer
作者:Daniel Tack
8.8 / 10
“Fans of Magic: The Gathering finally have a digital product they can be excited for, with free decks and a constant flow of cards creating an enticing free-to-play experience”
PC Gamer
作者:Jody Macgregor
79 / 100
“Slick and generous, Magic: The Gathering Arena is finally the adaptation the CCG originator deserves.”
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Mac OS
操作系统Windows 7(64 位)
操作系统Windows 10(64位)
处理器AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+ 或同等产品
处理器Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.50GHz
显卡GeForce GTX 8800 或同等产品
显卡GeForce GTX 560
内存2 GB
内存4 GB
  • 英语、法语、德语、俄语、西班牙语、意大利语、葡萄牙语(巴西)、日语
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