《Pacific Drive》We Have Liftoff Customization Pack

上手《Pacific Drive》来尽享游戏乐趣,内含额外的太空探险主题物品包,可用于自定义你的旅行车。

《Pacific Drive》We Have Liftoff Customization Pack

上手《Pacific Drive》来尽享游戏乐趣,内含额外的太空探险主题物品包,可用于自定义你的旅行车。
  • 太空梭主题贴花套件
  • 可在黑暗中发光的自定义星星贴花套件
  • 许愿星天线
  • 太空狗狗 Laika 摇头摆件
  • 太空船方向盘
  • 幽浮后视镜外加小型牵引光束
  • 星际战斗机前盖装饰
  • 可贴在后车窗的各种火箭飞船、宇航员以及月亮贴纸
  • 自定义星体变速器

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  • 79%
  • 80
  • 良好
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PC Gamer
作者:Christopher Livingston
86 / 100
A novel and challenging survival game that puts you in the driver's seat of one the best cars in videogames.
The Jimquisition
作者:James Stephanie Sterling
9 / 10
Pacific Drive is one of those amazing games that I’ve fallen in love with despite it doing so much I’m inclined to loathe. It’s brilliant in its externalization of survival gameplay with a car that acts perfectly in its dual role of burden and bearer. Its humor, style, and a luxury assortment of modifier settings have kept me spellbound. I can paint my car pink. Game of the year contender.
作者:Chris Tapsell
4 / 5
A punishing, exhasperating slog, or an off-beat love story between driver and car, human and the Zone? Pacific Drive is both and then some.
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《Pacific Drive》We Have Liftoff Customization Pack 系统要求



操作系统Windows 10
操作系统Windows 10
处理器Intel Core i5(4 核)
处理器Intel Core i7 或更快的处理器
内存16 GB
内存16 GB
显卡NVIDIA GTX 1060 6 GB
显卡NVIDIA RTX 2060 或更佳产品
OtherSupports NVIDIA GeForce NOW
OtherSupports NVIDIA GeForce NOW
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