Phoenix Point: Complete Edition - Upgrade

Complete Edition Upgrade 包含全部已发售 DLC(Living Weapons Pack 组合包,Blood & Titanium、Legacy of the Ancients、Festering Skies、Corrupted Horizons 以及 Kaos Engines)。

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PC Gamer
作者:Jonathan Bolding
77 / 100
In terms of core design, turn-based tactics games don't get much better than Phoenix Point.
作者:David Wildgoose
8 / 10
Phoenix Point takes a good shot at revitalizing the XCOM formula.
作者:Josh Hawkins
8 / 10
Phoenix Point expands upon the XCOM formula brilliantly, offering a fantastic campaign that leaves you twisting and turning.
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Phoenix Point: Complete Edition - Upgrade 系统要求



操作系统Mac OSX 10.11 64 位
操作系统Mac OSX 10.11 64 位
处理器Intel Core i3
处理器Intel Core i5
内存8 GB RAM
内存16 GB RAM
显卡Radeon Pro 555
显卡AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64
DirectX:版本 11
DirectX:版本 11
声卡DirectSound 兼容
声卡DirectSound 兼容
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