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PixArk Mod Kit

Create your own voxel based world with the PixARK Dev Kit! Integrated with the Steam workshop for distribution, bring your modifications to life with our Dev Kit! PixARK is a mix of creature taming with elements of magic and firearms combat. We've also left some surprises in there for the ARK franchise enthusiast!
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7 / 10
PixArk has got a lot of problems, and you should be aware of them- but if you are, and if you can grit your teeth and work your way through them, the final experience is oddly rewarding and engaging.
作者:Shaun Nicholls
Unfortunately what I got was a bit of hit and miss, where some aspects of the game are great, some are not so great and others just left me scratching my head. Let me just say that PixArk has the potential to be a great game, it just needs a bit more time in the oven.
作者:Ruby Salt
42 / 100
I understand the interest in placing a game like this on the market, but it just seems too rushed and not really necessary.
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