Royal Merchant

Manage your team of Heroes and Crafters while upgrading your Castle in Royal Merchant! A blend of RPG, clicker, idler, and management gameplay with epic quests, crafting, and conquering bosses. Master the trade, outfit your Heroes, and grow your trade empire.
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Prepare for an epic adventure in Royal Merchant, the ultimate RPG, clicker, idler, and management gameplay blend. As the ruler of your domain, you'll manage a team of Heroes and Crafters while upgrading your very own Castle.
In this addictive and engaging game, you'll send your Heroes out on epic quests to fight enemies and gather materials while your Crafters use those materials to create weapons and armor. The possibilities are endless, with over 100 pixel-art Heroes and enemies.
But it's not just about managing your team - you'll also need to conquer the enemy with your cast of characters, customize your champions with weapons and armor, and band together to raid powerful bosses as a party. Better performance leads to greater rewards, so gear up and prepare for battle!
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Craft epic items using your unique Crafters, training them to create better items and allowing them to master their trade. Outfit your Heroes with exceptional items to ensure their victory on the battlefield.
But the excitement doesn't stop there - you'll also get to dictate the direction of your economy, growing your inventory and profiting from your trade empire. And as you upgrade your Castle with new rooms and libraries, you'll have even more opportunities to train your Heroes and empower your spellcasters.
With its addictive gameplay and seamless blend of RPG, clicker, idler, and management mechanics, Royal Merchant is a must-play game for any genre fan. So join the community today and start your journey to becoming the ultimate ruler of your domain!


  • Send your Heroes on epic quests to fight enemies and gather materials.
  • Utilize unique Crafters to create items and gear to use and sell.
  • Upgrade your Castle with new rooms to train Heroes and empower spellcasters.
  • Conquer bosses and raid as a party for greater rewards.
  • Dictate the direction of your economy and profit from your trade empire.
  • New features recently added: Gladiator Guild, Gladiator Arena, and PvP matches.

Royal Merchant 系统要求



OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 10
CPU1+ GHz Processor
Memory1 GB
Memory1+ GB
GPUOpenGL 2.1
GPUOpenGL 2.1 or higher
Storage100 MB
  • 音频: 不适用
  • 文本: English, Russian, Korean, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Turkish
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