Approximately how long will this game remain in Early Access?

We do not know exactly how long the game will remain in early access, the game will remain in early access for as long as we consider it finished.

How will the final version differ from the Early Access version?

The map editor, currently in beta it will be much more intuitive and complete, other features such as skins and other personalization aspects will be added as well as characters, attacks and other maps. We would like the game to be as customizable as possible by the player.

What is the current status of the Early Access version?

Everything is going well, for the moment the multiplayer of the game works and the map editor allows the player to create their own map and play with it in multiplayer, the basic mechanics are solid and fun (at least for us).

Will the price of the game be different during and after Early Access?

No, the price of skyts is fixed and will remain so, the game will therefore not have any price increase even at the end of early access.

How will the community be involved in the development process?

The community is at the heart of the development of skyts, whether thanks to suggestion or thanks to the reporting of different bugs in the games, which we will fix as quickly as possible to make the game more fun.