Sludge Life OST

《SLUDGE LIFE》(游戏原声带)包含了《SLUDGE LIFE》中拥有强烈节奏感的独特音乐!享受从大家最喜欢的浓郁污染之岛上来的每一首曲目。

Sludge Life OST

《SLUDGE LIFE》(游戏原声带)包含了《SLUDGE LIFE》中拥有强烈节奏感的独特音乐!享受从大家最喜欢的浓郁污染之岛上来的每一首曲目。
调高音量,摇头体验《BIG MUD》的节奏,或是享受由 DJ DEAD 谱写《SAD BOY II》带来的片刻宁静。
好好体验这如泡沫般轻盈的 41 首游戏原声,将繁忙的现实世界丢在脑后吧。

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作者:Joseph Allen
8 / 10
Sludge Life offers a very solid first-person platforming experience wrapped in a quirky, unique aesthetic. Its lack of challenge and brevity may put some off, but it's a wild and wonderful trip that deserves to be experienced.
Slant Magazine
作者:Steven Scaife
The world of the game may be small, but it brims with a weird sense of life.
Hey Poor Player
作者:Heather Johnson Yu
4.5 / 5
From giant babies to vampires, from talking cats to cats with two buttholes, to snakes in toilets and a guy wearing the exact same pattern as the wallpaper in an attempt to hide from his murderous roommate, Sludge Life is wonderfully mad.
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操作系统Windows 7/8.1/10 x64
操作系统Windows 7/8.1/10 x64
处理器Intel Core 2 Duo E6320(2*1866)或同等产品
处理器Intel Core i3-2100(2*3100)或同等产品 | AMD Phenom II X4 965(4 * 3400)或同等产品
内存2 GB RAM
内存4 GB RAM
显卡GeForce 7600 GS(512 MB)或同等产品
显卡GeForce GTX 660(2048 MB)
存储空间1 GB 可用储存空间
存储空间1 GB 可用储存空间
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