Sonic Superstars - 乐高® Sonic Skin

化身为乐高® 积木组成的 Blue Blur,在《Sonic Superstars》的世界高速飞奔!

Sonic Superstars - 乐高® Sonic Skin


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作者:Jada Griffin
7 / 10
Sonic Superstars has a mix of both interesting and ill-advised new ideas, making it an enjoyable Sonic game but not exactly a Super one.
作者:David Flynn
90 / 100
Sonic Superstars represents some of the best 2D platforming has to offer. It has constant surprises while still offering a ton of room for mastery. The game is a delight from start to finish and beyond.
Metro GameCentral
作者:Nick Gillett
7 / 10
It's no Sonic Mania, but this is still one of the better attempts to create a modern day 2D Sonic The Hedgehog, with impressive visuals but boring boss battles.
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Sonic Superstars - 乐高® Sonic Skin 系统要求



操作系统Windows 10 / 11
操作系统Windows 10 / 11
处理器Intel Core i5-2300 或 AMD FX-4350
处理器Intel Core i5-3470 或 AMD FX-6300
内存6 GB 内存
内存6 GB 内存
DirectX版本 11
DirectX版本 11
显卡NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450,1 GB 或 AMD Radeon HD 5770,1 GB
显卡NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560,1 GB 或 AMD Radeon HD 5870,2 GB
存储空间20 GB
存储空间20 GB
其他说明低画质 720p @ 60 FPS
其他说明高画质 1080p @ 60 FPS
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