Space Outpost Silicon One

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Shoot, loot, level-up and fight your way to the Vault in this Borderlands-inspired single-player first-person shooter with NVIDIA DLSS and RTX raytracing. Solo-dev indie game made by an industry veteran.





Space Outpost Silicon One is a fun first-person single-player looter-shooter made by a solo developer. Oh, and has cute cats.

Shoot enemies. Loot enemies. Open crates; get loot. Play with cute cat companion. Just have fun!
The shockwave from the supernova swept through the super-secret scientific outpost Silicon One, disabling many of its security measures. The encrypted distress signal from the outpost reaches your employers...
Flying back home through space for a long-overdue vacation your are informed that, being the closest Company employee, your vacation is put on hold and you are to travel to the company's scientific outpost codename "Silicon One" immediately to investigate, make safe the installation, and reinstate its security measures. You are also reminded that your Company contract requires your complete cooperation - refusal will result in loss of many things essential to a person's well-being, primarily the oxygen-recyclers within the Company spaceship in which you currently enjoy your space travel.
Unfortunately, the secret, encrypted, classified transmissions from the outpost have been received by various third parties whom would very much like to get their hands on whatever advanced tech resides in the Company Vault deep within Space Outpost Silicon One and have already obtained many of the access cards that are required to unlock the access doors that survived the 'nova blast. Looks like it's time to put your basic combat training into action: pick up your trusty company-supplied sidearm and get yourself to the outpost to sort out this mess...
Choose one of three Player Classes to suit your playstyle.
Start a New Game anytime to create a new character.
Note: All characters can use all weapons, though Player classes have skills for the weapons they specialise in.
Specialises in Pistol skills, SubMachine Gun skills and survivability skills.
Comes with a selection of cat companions that will assist you in dispatching your enemies.
Specialises in Rifles, Shotguns and Launchers.
Comes with a selection of robot companions wielding ranged weapons or differing elements.
Specialises in elemental damage (fire/corrosive/shock/etc.)
Comes with a selection of melee and grenade-wielding goblin companions.
Every class comes with an Action Skill that summons a companion to fight with you against your enemies for a short while.
Invest points in your companion skills to extend their summon duration or to reduce the cooldown time between summons.
Your summoned companion shares some of your skills!
Each Player Class has a selection of 12 companions specific to that class.
Visit Companion Selection from Fast Travel in the Map menu to peruse the available companions for your class (once companion selection is unlocked via quests).
Each companion has different abilities!
Healer: the Healer's cat companions may look cute but they will assist in dispatching your enemies.
Soldier: the Soldier's robot companions comes in Pistol and Shotgun types, offering differing elemental damage types.
Elementalist: some strange goblin-type being that comes in Melee and Grenade forms of differing elemental damage types.
Don't worry - you can't harm your companions and they can't harm you! Grenade-wielding Goblin FTW!
Dozens of skills, ranging from weapon skills to survivability to elemental damage types to improving companion summoning and more!
Create your character build your way by spending earned skill points on the skills of your choosing.
Skill points are awarded when levelling-up.
Skill points may also be found as rare random loot.
So. Much. Loot.
Lots of chests/containers/crates full of random loot (if you're lucky) of various item grades.
Item Tiers (increasing quality and rarity): White (Common), Green, Blue, Purple, Orange (Legendary).
Dozens of hand-crated unique/Legendary items (to be added during Early Access).
Will that chest contain a bit of money or a jaw-dropping Legendary MeleeMod to punch your enemies to bits with!
No in-app purchases.
No microtransactions.
All lootable items in the game are obtainable via the random loot system or in-game quests. Some locked containers may require keys in order to open them and access their random loot - keys are obtainable via gameplay.
Ranged weapon types: Pistols, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, SubMachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launchers.
Weapons spawn with random quality tier, elemental damage, sights, and weapon stats (clip size, fire-rate, reload speed, etc.)
1000's of random weapon combinations!
Plus, don't forget your fists! Melee-attack enemies that get in-your-face or close the distance and give your enemies some fisticuffs (that means punch them)!
Melt your enemies. Or fry them. Or shock their shields away. Choose the weapon with the elemental damage type for the circumstances. Or just shoot everything with your favourite gun/grenade. Or deploy your companion to take some of the heat. Or loot and equip a cool MeleeMod that melts your enemies. Your choice.
Too many items in your backpack? Free-up space in your backpack by transfering items to the Bank storage.
Found a great item but it's for a different character class? Put it into the Bank storage - all characters can access the shared Bank!
Did an enemy/container/boss spawn a great piece of loot but you missed it? Check out your Lost Property storage to see if some loot that you did not pick up was automatically saved for you.
Travel to any previously-discovered location at any time via the Map menu.
Revisit areas you have been to before: fight the enemies again to gain experience to level-up your character, to look for new loot or to refight bosses for a chance for their special, rare loot.
A range of standard difficulty settings to suit every player: for players new to first-person shooters, players who just want some casual fun to harder difficulties for players that want more of a challenge.
Hardest standard difficulty too easy for you? Try one of the even harder challenge difficulties, all the way up to Impossible difficulty.
Enjoy raytracing effects on supported graphics cards, including raytraced reflections, raytraced scene shadows, raytraced translucency, raytraced Ambient Occlusion, and raytraced Global Illumination.
Support for NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 on supported NVIDIA graphics cards.
Support for raytracing effects via NVIDIA RTX raytracing.
Raytracing presets suitable for NVIDIA RTX 20, 30 and 40 series cards.
Don't have a fancy ray-thingy video card in your machine? DirectX11 is also supported.
Support for keyboard, mouse and gamepad.
Gamepad supports remapping individual gamepad buttons.

Space Outpost Silicon One 系统要求



OS versionWindows 10 64-bit
OS versionWindows 10 64-bit
CPUIntel i5-3570 / AMD FX-8350
CPUIntel i7-4770 / AMD Ryzen™ 5 2600
GPUNvidia GTX 1060/AMD R9 480
GPUNvidia RTX 2070/AMD RX5700. NVIDIA RTX video card recommended for ray tracing.
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 12
Additional NotesRay tracing requires DirectX 12 and compatible video card. NVIDIA RTX video card recommended for ray tracing.
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