《Syberia: The World Before》Deluxe Edition 包含未经分级的内容,有可能并不适合所有年龄段。

《Syberia: The World Before》Deluxe Edition

包含游戏本体和 Deluxe Edition 内容。游戏原声带;由 Benoît Sokal 以及 Lucas Lagravette 撰写的《Syberia: The World Before》序章脚本的简略版;游戏粉丝套装(Game Fan Kit):包含 3 张墙纸,3 个头像以及由 Benoît Sokal 打造的 3 张原创故事板。

《Syberia: The World Before》

Deluxe Edition 包括游戏本体以及 Deluxe Edition 内容:
  • 游戏原声带
    -《Syberia: The World Before》序章脚本的简略版
  • 游戏粉丝套装(Game Fan Kit)
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"《Syberia: The World Before》是对其已故作者的衷心致敬"
"这款作品是 Benoît Sokal 令人难忘的遗产,也是他艺术的总汇"
    • Vaghen, 2005. Kate is looking for some precious information.
    • Kate explores vast new environments
    • What secrets will you unravel playing Dana ?

Syberia: The World Before 版本

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PC Invasion
作者:Andrew Farrell
8.5 / 10
Visually wondrous and full of logical, fair puzzles and likable characters, this is a worthy entry in the series, despite a jarring conclusion and some rather poor performance.
作者:Francesco De Meo
7.5 / 10
Syberia - The World Before is a return to form for the series, and an all-around solid adventure game featuring an engaging story that nicely blends together two different timelines, charming characters and good puzzle design. The experience, however, leaves something to be desired when it comes to innovation, making the game a must-buy only for fans of the series.
作者:David Flynn
85 / 100
Syberia - The World Before is a captivating story of turmoil in the face of fashism. With compelling characters and fascinating logic puzzles, newcomers and returning players alike will have a blast with this adventure.
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《Syberia: The World Before》Deluxe Edition 系统要求



操作系统Windows 7 或更高版本
操作系统Windows 10
处理器i5 6600
处理器i7 8700 或更高配置
内存8 GB
内存16 GB
存储空间22 GB
存储空间22 GB
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 11
显卡NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti 或 AMD Radeon HD 7850 / R7 260X
显卡NVIDIA RTX 2070 或 AMD RX 6600 XT
  • AUDIO: English, French, German, Polish, Russian
  • TEXT: English, Italian, Spanish - Spain, German, French, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Japanese, Korean, Chinese - Traditional, Chinese - Simplified, Czech, Dutch, Russian
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