《The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV》
《The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV》

Erebonian 帝国离全面战争仅有寸步之遥!Class VII 的学长和新生们必须和全大陆的英雄们携手合作,来创造出让这个世界免遭破灭的唯一机会。

《Trails of Cold Steel IV》

究极的班级聚会 - 来自各地的英雄们都将加入你,本作可用人物为系列之最!Class VII 的英雄们与 Crossbell 的特殊支援班(Special Support Section)们以及 Liberl 的英雄们联合起来了。
更为翻新的战斗 - 全新以及经典机制现已加入《The Legend of Heroes》系列饱经打磨的战斗系统之中。
疲战之余的放松 - 在各个史诗级战斗之余,你可用各种迷你游戏放松一下,其中也包括前作中粉丝最爱的迷你游戏:魔唤精灵(Vantage Master),钓鱼以及解谜游戏!也包括全新的包含扑克(Poker),21 点(Blackjack)以及恐怖过山车(Horror Coaster)在内的迷你游戏。


Erebonian 帝国离全面战争仅有寸步之遥!本作的故事接续前作《Trails of Cold Steel III》的结局,Class VII 的英雄们发现自己将面对欲想统治全大陆的帝国部队的全面进击。而且 Erebonian 内战的英雄兼 Class VII 的教官 Rean Schwarzer 也无迹可寻。
现在,Class VII 的学长和新生们必须和全大陆的英雄们携手合作,来创造出让这个世界免遭破灭的唯一机会。




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作者:David Flynn
90 / 100
“The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV is a fitting end to the saga of Erebonia. While there are tons of characters returning and plot threads from previous games, newcomers will still be able to enjoy the complicated, political tale along with a deep battle system.”
作者:Jae Lee
8.5 / 10
“The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4 is a true culmination of an epic journey filled with unforgettable characters in a world that has become as familiar and inviting to me as my own hometown. If not for the lackluster localization effort and continuous implementation of uneven voice acting, this could have been the perfect send off for the members of Class VII, Thors military academy.”
Metro GameCentral
7 / 10
“A finale that only exacerbates the faults of the series up till now but the sheer audacity of the storytelling, and the goodwill built up over so many years, pushes it over the finishing line.”
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