《Total War: WARHAMMER III》- Ogre Kingdoms

《Total War: WARHAMMER III》的第一个种族包为我们带来了食人魔(Ogre)种族!食人魔(Ogre)部落坚韧而凶恶,在欲壑难填的食欲所驱使下,他们从悲恸山脉(Mountains of Mourn)降临世间。而他们贪婪的双眼中,映射的是远方的黄金以及诱人的鲜肉气味……

《Total War: WARHAMMER III》- Ogre Kingdoms


你将扮演食人魔(Ogre)领主 Greasus Goldtooth 以及 Skrag the Slaughterer,带领手下的蛮兵、匪徒以及暴食者们,满足他们对战争的饥渴。


招募超过 20 种野蛮食人魔(Ogre)单位,将他们的巨大体型以及令人惊异的机动性相结合,以破骨之势对敌人发起冲击。


食人魔(Ogre)的食欲永无止境!从战场上搜集鲜肉来维持单位人口,并将余下的肉类献给巨胃(Great Maw)来获取收益。


成为佣兵来获取令人惧怕的名声,在敌人的领地上建起食人魔营地(Ogre Camp),来进行补给并招募单位。

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作者:Ewan Wilson
This new fortification system is also present in siege battles and small settlement engagements, and it's probably the biggest change to the overall Total War formula. Capturing points on the map builds up your resources, which you can then spend on fortifying defensible areas. It's a compelling tactical addition, bringing Total War closer to other real-time strategy games where it's not just about wiping out an army, but capturing points, defending them, and using resources wisely. It does, however, also take away from what Total War battles always seemed to be about: careful, tactical positioning within a semi-realistic environment.
作者:Leana Hafer
9 / 10
A fitting capstone to the trilogy, the story-heavy campaign and an armload of exciting new factions lead Total War: Warhammer 3 to victory.
PC Gamer
作者:Fraser Brown
90 / 100
A brilliant final act with the series' most inventive and unusual factions yet.
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操作系统Windows 7 64 位
操作系统Windows 10 64 位
处理器Intel i3/Ryzen 3 series
处理器Intel i5/Ryzen 5 series
内存6 GB
内存8 GB
存储空间120 GB
存储空间120 GB
显卡NVIDIA GTX 900/AMD RX 400 series | Intel Iris Xe Graphics
显卡NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti / AMD RX 5600-XT / Intel Arc A750
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